Small Aubergine 250g



Small Aubergine 250g


Small aubergines, sometimes referred to as baby or Indian aubergines, are cooked as vegetables but strictly speaking, as they grow from the flower of a plant and contain seeds, aubergines are botanically classified as a berry— not many people know that!


Aubergines are loved for their hearty, flavoursome flesh and are used as a popular meat substitute in vegan and vegetarian meals.


Also known as Eggplant, or Brinjal, small aubergines can be cooked whole or cut twice leaving an inch at the end, somewhat resembling a flower.


When slightly opened, small aubergines can be stuffed, the most popular recipe being Bagara Baingan— a Hyderebadi recipe to be served with Biryani or Bagara rice.


  • Small aubergine 250g
  • Variations on Bagara Baingan include Gutti Vankaya and Bharwa Baingan
  • Small aubergines are used in Brinjal curry, Vangi bath and Brinjal chutney